Young Minds Big Dreams - Part One

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John Mwendwa
Class of 2017 - Medical Laboratory Science and Technology

September 8th 2014, was the day I joined medical school with a big aspiring dream to become the among best medical laboratory technologists in the region and I joined Outspan Medical College one of the best medical schools in the region it was a perfect match. For a young man I was, this was the stepping stone that had been given to me and I had only one chance to prove to myself that; I had what it takes to be successful in life and I had the tools to do that. In my mind I knew very well, if it's not now, it's never.

Growing up I didn't have much privilege to have a role model that was close to me like a parent to have much influence in my life. I grew up in a family of five, three children; two boys one girl, I am the second child after my big brother and my little sister. My dad, dark, tall about 6.5 ft and weighing about 70 kg inherited a fortune from his father who died long before I could get a grasp of who he really was. My dad didn't have much knowledge on how to wisely spend or invest the fortune so you can anticipate what followed next. It’s not a great story by why not tell I anyway. He was in constant conflict with his siblings(my uncles and aunts) who demanded to get a share of what had been left by their father "my grandfather" which they did get but didn't care of tomorrow or what would happen after the whole fortune was depleted.

Me and my siblings would find ourselves caught up in the conflict since it happened in our home so it affected our personal life and both of our parents were always in distress because of the issue, this led to my dad being an alcoholic and couldn't help himself. I was in 5th grade and my big brother was in high school when my dad suffered a stroke due to excessive drinking which worsened the situation at home. He was hospitalised for a year which forced us to use almost everything that was there to get the hospital bill paid. And it was for my mum to struggle through thick and thin to keep us in school and have something in our stomach.

Dad was disabled since he couldn't recover fully and didn't have a job to return to. But the best side was, the stroke he suffered was a game changer for my Dad and us too, he came home a different man determined to use all that he had to make sure we got the education we wanted. His mind-set regarding our future took a different dimension since then, and he knew it would be difficult for him to go back and write off the wrongs he had done, So he promised to use all the resources that he had at his disposal and sure he did.Sending me to college is one the biggest achievements he proudly talks of.

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