Common Conditions Affecting the Testis: Epididymorchitis

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Common Conditions Affecting the Testis: Epididymorchitis

By Dr. Wambugu J. M. MBChB

Scrotal pain, swelling sometimes with discharge from the urethra or pain while urinating. That is most likely an infection on Mr. Golden Pair. It can affect any age group. Caused by numerous infectious agents. Can occur in association with either urinary tract infections, and also with sexually transmitted infections.

Feel pain down there, or experiencing some unusual discharge? Rush to your doctor. Treatment involves medication, rest and at sometimes maneuvers for elevating the scrotum to reduce the swelling. Recovery is within a matter of days with appropriate medication. Left unattended, these infections may end up affecting fertility.

Dr. Wambugu J. M. MBChB, Outspan Hospital

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