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Moses Peter Kibet - Clinical Medicine and Surgery Alumni
Class of 2016


His is a story that intertwines itself with the great vision and purpose that defines Outspan Medical College with regards to nurturing young medical professionals.

Hailing from remote West Pokot County, Peter Kibet has had to struggle to get to where he is. He scored a B- at Ortum High School. He missed joining a public university and his dream career to pursue a course in medicine. His father passed away in 1993 forcing his mother to relocate to Uganda. It was hard to acquire school fees. Not to be discouraged, he applied for a course in clinical medicine at Kenya Medical Training College but for two years he could not succeed. He had waited long enough. He went online and that is when he came across Outspan Medical College.

"When I reported to Outspan in September 2012, I proceeded to the principal's office to explain my dire financial situation. I didn't even have documents because I hadn't cleared my high school fees at the time. The principal agreed to give me an admission number." During my second year when I was struggling with fees and affording basic items, I had approached the Executive Director - Dr. Kiruhi, for a temporary job. He thought I was asking for a position in the hospital but actually, I was looking for a job to be grazing his animals and sustain myself. Dr. Kiruhi told me first I needed papers!" He says jokingly.

In 2016, he was licensed to practice as a clinical officer. There was an interview at Outspan Hospital in April of 2017. He passed and got a job. His ever burning ambition to become a medical doctor kept on gnawing at him. He sought advice from his mentors who advised him to go to Mbarara University in Uganda. At Mbarara University, a clinical officer can be admitted to study medicine for four years. They acknowledge your clinical medicine diploma. "I plan to join Mbarara University to study medicine at the beginning of 2021 after saving enough tuition fees and then come for my internship in Kenya and then finally study surgery."

As a parting shot, Kibet says that one should always have passion and vision. "I always had a paper written 'Dr. Kibet' in my wallet. I saw myself as a doctor from the beginning."



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