OMC Emerge as Winners at the TVET Exhibition Fair in Meru

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TVET-Exhibition-Fair-in-Meru-2022OMC Clinical Medicine and Surgery Student, Cynthia Gakenia, gives a Presentation To The Guest Of Honor, Dr. Margaret Mwakima, The Principal Secretary in The State Department for Vocational and Technical Training
under The Ministry of Education. This was during the National TVET Exhibition and Robotics Fair held at
Kinoru Stadium in Meru. OMC scooped the First Prize in The Applied Sciences Category

Yet again, the Outspan Medical College has managed to outshine other institutions at the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Exhibition Fair and Robotics Contest held at the Meru National Polytechnic. OMC was put in first place after making their presentation of healing a diabetic wound using a homemade disinfectant which was under the category of Applied Sciences. Miriam Mukami commented that they used a lot of citrus fruits and pineapple peelings to come up with a homemade disinfectant which turned to be a pure success. “As a team, we choose to take on such a project so as to educate the diabetic patients on how to manage wounds at home and avoid the intake of other types of medication.” She said. Cynthia Gakenia, a CMS student at OMC said that during the presentation, they put emphasis on the pineapple peelings because they are rich in vitamin C as well as other nutrients and can build the overall immunity of the body and also fight bacteria. “We look forward to providing such knowledge to the public so that we can reduce the intake of so many doses of medication to diabetic patients. The use of fruits is very economical and reliable enough when it come to the treatment of some diseases.” Said Cynthia. Cynthia also added that the pineapple peelings possess bromelain, which is a powerful enzyme or an anti-inflammatory in nature. It can be used to reduce swelling post-surgery or an injury. OMC was among the institutions that were chosen to represent Mt. Kenya West in the four-day event.

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