Critical Care Nursing

Critical Care nursing is a specialty within nursing that deals specifically with very sick, complex patients facing life-threatening diseases. Critical Care Nursing focuses on the utmost care of the critically ill or patients needing round the clock observation and monitoring.

It involves;

  • Provision of optimal care
  • Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of multiple organ failure
  • Continuous observation
  • Intervention in the case of changes in patient’s vitals
  • Prevention of complications
  • Collaboration with other healthcare providers within the critical care unit
Critical care nurses can work in a wide variety of environments and specialties such as;
  1. General intensive care units
  2. Medical intensive care units
  3. Surgical intensive care units
  4. Medical surgical intensive care unit
  5. Specialized care nursery
  6. Neuro critical care intensive care unit
  7. Shock trauma intensive care unit
  8. Coronary care units
  9. Cardiothoracic intensive care units
  10. Burns intensive care unit
  11. Neurosurgery intensive care unit
  12. Neonatal and pediatric intensive care units

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