Academic Staff at OMC undergo Moodle–LMS Training to Enhance E-learning

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Moodle-LMS-Academic-Staff-Training-2023Academic Staff at OMC during one of the Training Sessions for the Online Platform - MOODLE


The academic staff at OMC benefitted from training on the online platform MOODLE. The training took place at the Outspan Medical College from Monday 16th January to Wednesday 18th January. It was organized by the e-learning department at OMC and facilitated by trainers from KENET (Kenya Education Network). Over the three days, the academic staff were trained on how to navigate the Moodle platform and how to best deliver their content to learners. The objective of the training was to build capacity and equip faculty on appropriate instruction skills needed to translate their content into an online context so that learners are able to interact and engage with it virtually. The E-learning department, spearheaded by Ruth Githiomi and the OMC administration, felt the need to strengthen the e-learning arm of the college. This will enhance and complement the course offering, by encouraging integrated learning and has the potential to include fully online classes, Following the training, the E-learning program will pilot two online courses; Nutrition and Psychology on the Moodle platform, this will cater for students who wish to enroll for distance learning.

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